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Trekking in Nepal

Trekking in Nepal is the major attraction of the Nepal tourism industry. Nepal Himalayas, which is truly blessed by the mother nature has 1200+ snowcapped peaks (all above 6000m) with 8 highest mountains out of 14 (Mt Everest 8848m, Mt Kanchenjunga

Tour in Nepal

Nepal is a world in itself with its unique cultures, values and principles. In simple words it’s magical, mystical and mythological. It is comprised of the people with diverse lifestyles which are multilingual and multicultural. The main reason

Nepal Climbing and Expedition

Climbing in Nepal is the foremost pride of Nepal tourism industry. Thousands of mountaineers and the climbers from all over the world come to Nepal every year with the sole purpose of climbing the peaks. The choices are many from the


All foreign nationals, except Indian citizens, need visas to enter Nepal. Getting a visa is very easy in Nepal. You just have to go to the Nepalese Embassy/consulate in your country or it can also be obtained upon your arrival in Kathmandu


One picture speaks thousand words. As our effort to do something for the deprived and marginalized communities, we have done some works till the date and wishes to keep this going as long as the world remains. Join us in our effort to help the poor people out there who doesn't even have a piece of grain to eat every night, a slip of cloth to wear everyday and the place to stay to avoid rain and the cold.