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Simikot hilsa limi circuit trekking

Simikot Hilsa Limi Circuit Trekking

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Difficulty: Strenuous
Max Altitude: 4940m at Nyalu La
Duration: 17 days
Cost: $3990
Season: Spring/Autumn/Summer
Walking: 4-8hrs a day
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  • Breathtaking journey in the rain-shadow of the Himalayas
  • Completely off the beaten track, this trip is sure to give you different perspectives on traveling
  • Traverse through the untouched land and experience the lives of the isolated people
  • Capture the once-in-a-lifetime moments
  • Possible encounters with endangered and rare species of animals
  • Glimpse of Sacred Mount Kailash

Simikot Hilsa Limi Circuit trekking is a unique trekking done in the rural parts of North Western Nepal which starts with the tropical zone of the nation, circles the dry region of the alpine Tibetan plateau-like zone, kisses the border of Nepal - Tibet and ends with crossing the most remote valley (Limi) of Nepal. Trekking to Simikot Hilsa offers an extraordinarily different experience not provided by any other kind of adventure in the Himalayan nation. Completely off the beaten track, the journey to the Far North Western region of Nepal leads you through the fantastic cultures that have remained the same since centuries ago and the panoramic beauties that have remained untouched and pristine. 

The trail runs along the river bank of the longest river in Nepal, the Karnali River. One can experience the authentic Tibetan culture and lifestyle while on Simikot to Hilsa trekking, where the locals build their houses with mud and agriculture, with animal husbandry being the primary way of living and income. Trekking in Limi valley offers tropical to alpine vegetation, and since irrigated by the Karnali river, one can see the varieties of floras and faunas. It is highly probable to encounter rare mountain animals like wild yaks, wild horses, blue sheep, musk deer, Himalayan black bears and snow leopards. Bhotiyas are the principal inhabitants of the region. Though they are economically poor, they have well preserved the distinct local cultures and traditions and have many stories to tell visitors in their hometown. Interestingly, society still practices the Polyandry marriage system because of the poor economy. The mesmerizing views of a different mountain range from Saipal, Nalakankad, to the holy peak Mount Kailash are not to be missed to describe. The Limi valley and the area are sometimes also referred to as the present form of the Shangri-La.

Being in the rainshadow of the Himalayas, Simikot Hilsa Limi Circuit trekking can also be done during the monsoon, not to mention other seasons. The trekking starts from Simikot after flying there. The two weeks journey takes us through exciting and isolated valleys and villages, steep passes, variations in landscapes and vegetation and the rare alpine lands. To get the entirely unique experience in Nepal, Simikot Hilsa trekking can be the ultimate choice for interested travelers and trekkers, not forgetting that this trekking demands high physical fitness since the journey can get strenuous during some days.

Simikot Hilsa Limi Circuit Trekking Outline Itinerary

Day 01:Fly from Kathmandu to Nepalgunj 1hr flight, BLD, Hotel

Day 02:Fly Nepalgunj to Simikot 2960m 45mins, BLD, Camp

Day 03:Trek Simikot to Dharapori 2300m 4hrs, BLD, Camp

Day 04:Trek Dharapori to Kermi 2670m (Hot spring bath in Kermi), BLD, Camp

Day 05:Trek Kermi to Yalbang 3020m 5hrs, BLD, Camp

Day 06:Trek Yalbang to Tumkot 3380m 5hrs, BLD, Camp

Day 07:Trek Tumkot to Yari 3700m 5hrs, BLD, Camp

Day 08:Trek Yari to Hilsa 3720m via Nara La 4620m 6hrs, BLD, Camp

Day 09:Trek Hilsa to Manepeme 3900m 5hrs, BLD, Camp

Day 10:Trek Manepeme to Til 4000m 6hrs, BLD, Camp

Day 11:Trek Til to Halji 3660m 3hrs, BLD, Camp

Day 12:Trek Halji to Jang 3930m 4hrs, BLD, Camp

Day 13:Trek Jang to Talung 4370m 8hrs, BLD, Camp

Day 14:Trek Talung to Shinjungma 3620m via Nyalu La 4940m 8hrs, BLD, Camp

Day 15:Trek Shinjungma to Kermi 2670m 7hrs, BLD, Camp

Day 16:Trek Kermi to Simikot 2950m 6hrs, BLD, Camp

Day 17:Fly Simikot to Kathmandu via Nepalgunj, BD.

Simikot Hilsa Limi Circuit Trekking Detailed Itinerary

**BLD denotes Breakfast Lunch Dinner**

Day 01: Fly from Kathmandu to Nepalgunj 1hr flight, BLD, Hotel

Just an hour flight takes you to Nepalgunj since there’s no direct flight to Humla. We’re staying overnight in Nepalgunj so we will have an easy day and will explore around. Nepalgunj is the business hub where inhabits the people following both Nepali and Indian traditions. Since, it lies just next to the Indian border (8km), this place is hot and humid most of the time.

Day 02: Fly Nepalgunj to Simikot 2960m 45mins, BLD, Camp

Fly down to Simikot which is at an elevation of 2960m and the wind starts getting chillier already. Explore around for a day. Prepare yourself well for the next day of tough trekking. 

Day 03: Trek Simikot to Dharapori 2300m 4hrs, BLD, Camp

Climb from the Simikot airstrip past wheat and barley fields on the rough rocky trail. Enjoy the magnificent views of the Humla Karnali valley while you are ascending. Descend down to Masigaon and head further North to arrive at Dharapori for the night camp stop.

Day 04: Trek Dharapori to Kermi 2670m (Hot spring bath in Kermi), BLD, Camp

After checking in with the local tourist police, start trekking to get to the village called Khagagaon, the last village in Humla district where the rice is cultivated. The trail continues going steep through Chachera and ultimately arriving at Dharma Kermi. About 40 minutes walk from the Kermi village, one can enjoy the hot spring bath. O/N at tented camp. 

Day 05: Trek Kermi to Yalbang 3020m 5hrs, BLD, Camp

Today the trail is comparatively easier. The trail is filled with nice scenery alongside the fields. After crossing the big iron suspension bridge over the Sali river you will descend down. Above your head, the pine and rhododendron trees while below your head, the pristine greenish Karnali river will follow you most of the way. Once you arrive Yalbang village, rest for a while then explore around the heritage sites in the village. You may also visit the holy Namkha Khyung Dzong Monastery.

Day 06: Trek Yalbang to Tumkot 3380m 5hrs, BLD, Camp

Today most of the trail is flat with the exception of some of the places. The greenery begins to disappear. You will encounter the flock of sheep carrying the sacks of supplies on their backs which has always been the trade method since the ancient times. After few hours, we will get to Tumkot to stop for the night.  

Day 07: Trek Tumkot to Yari 3700m 5hrs, BLD, Camp

The trail today continues to go up and with similar climate, vegetation and the landscape. Only few hours, the climate along with the vegetation starts to change.

Day 08: Trek Yari to Hilsa 3720m via Nara La 4620m 6hrs, BLD, Camp

Since we have to pass the high altitude Nara La pass today, it’s going to be a bit tougher. Very often, you will encounter herds of Dzopas (hybrid of yak and cow), Mules and Yaks on the trail. As you start ascending to the high pass, you will be gifted with the extravagant views, also the Tibetan upland on one side and the beautiful Yari village on the other side. The rest of the trail is all the way downhill until you arrive in the Nepal and Tibet border.

Day 09: Trek Hilsa to Manepeme 3900m 5hrs, BLD, Camp

After crossing the iron bridge over the Karnali river, we will leave Hilsa behind. The trail will again follow the Karnali river all the way to Manepeme where we set up our tented camp and call it a day. 

Day 10: Trek Manepeme to Til 4000m 6hrs, BLD, Camp

As we continue our trekking journey, we will take a narrow path that takes us to a very old meditation cave, Ya Yip Phuk. The trail keeps going uphill until we arrive at Lamka La 4300m. The rest of the journey is downhill to get to Til.  Til is one of many beautiful villages in the Limi Valley.

Day 11: Trek Til to Halji 3660m 3hrs, BLD, Camp

A bit of a relaxing day, today we will walk for few hours and spend the rest of the day exploring the surrounding places and monasteries. Well, if you get lucky, you will see a lot of endangered species around. 

Day 12: Trek Halji to Jang 3930m 4hrs, BLD, Camp

The Limi river accompanying you all the way through the day, you will feel no fatigue in this particular day. The last village of the Limi valley, Jang will be our overnight stop. 

Day 13: Trek Jang to Talung 4370m 8hrs, BLD, Camp

Once again through the wilderness, we travel and trek. The trail remains steady and slow until we arrive at Talung for the overnight stop.

Day 14: Trek Talung to Shinjungma 3620m via Nyalu La 4940m 8hrs, BLD, Camp

Today, our beautiful journey will take us to the highest point of the entire trekking i.e. Nyalu La pass. 360° panoramic views of Humla and Tibet, snowy trail and the glorious views of the Mount Saipal (7031m), and Mount Kailash (6714m) can be the unforgettable day in your life. Later, you will descend down steep all the way to arrive in the calm Selma Tso Lake and trek further on the easy trail to Shinjungma. 

Day 15: Trek Shinjungma to Kermi 2670m 7hrs, BLD, Camp

Finally, you will start seeing the human settlements after you start your trekking today. The trail doesn't get any better as we start getting back to the Karnali river through the pine and birch trees to get to our ultimate destination, Kermi village for the overnight stop. 

Day 16: Trek Kermi to Simikot 2950m 6hrs, BLD, Camp

The journey follows the smooth trail up to Darapuri (2300m) and Majgaon(2290m). After Majgaon, the trail begins to look different and a bit difficult. Another little bit of push to get back to Simikot. Take the proper hot shower and enjoy the rest of the day resting and drinking your favorite beverage. :)

Day 17: Fly Simikot to Kathmandu via Nepalgunj, BD.

It’s time to fly back to Kathmandu in the same way as we did earlier, the first flight to Nepalgunj and the next one to Kathmandu. After such a long yet an extraordinary journey to the far Eastern part of the Himalayas, we will leave you to have a wonderful time in Kathmandu.

Cost for 1 PAX: 4550 /-
Cost for 2 or more PAX: $3990 per person

Note: Trip cost varies with the group sizes.

Simikot Hilsa Limi Circuit Trekking Cost Breakdown

Cost includes

  • Airport pickup and drop, other ground transfers   
  • Hotel accommodation in Nepalgunj   
  • Complimentary farewell dinner with cultural program
  • Meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) with tea/coffee during the trek
  • Hot / cold clean drinking water
  • Round trip domestic flight ticket 
  • An experienced and licensed guide, cook and helpers, sherpas and porters with their expenses plus insurance
  • Humla Simikot Restricted Area Permit
  • All other necessary permits and documentations
  • Trekking and camping equipment (tent, mattress, chairs, dining tent, kitchen tent, toilet tent, kitchen utensils etc.)
  • Company t-shirt and certificate of appreciation 
  • Route maps and walking stick  
  • Duffel bag, down jacket and sleeping bag, provided if needed and to be returned after
  • Local Government taxes and VAT

Cost excludes

  • Travel and emergency rescue insurance
  • Any kinds of personal expenses
  • Tips for field staff (highly expected) 
  • Meals and accommodation behind schedule

Simikot Hilsa Limi Circuit Trekking Useful Information

Customized Trips and Trip departure

Simikot Hilsa Limi Circuit Trekking departs from Kathmandu as per our fixed departure dates. You can join any available fixed departure groups if you are a solo or small group travelers if you wish to, when the trips cannot be customized.

But if you are in a private group, fixed departure dates are not suitable for you and so you need to choose your own dates and packages, when you can customize the trek as per your travel needs. For further information, please kindly contact your own friendly neighbor, Nature Lovers Treks and Tours.

Accommodations in Kathmandu and during trek

You will be staying in the tented camps during the trek.

Route Map and Company T-shirt

Nature Lovers Treks and Tours offers you a complimentary trekking map and company t-shirts.

Safe Drinking Water during Simikot Hilsa Limi Circuit Trekking

Hydrating yourself is the most important thing to do during the trek. You should drink at least 3 liters of water every day or more. The main reason is to avoid the altitude sickness and to avoid other health issues. Nature Lovers Treks and Tours provides you water purification tablets or liquids to purify the water in the mountains. We will also boil the water time and again since there's no other way round. 

Your trekking guides and porters

Nature Lovers Treks and Tours has the best guides and porters in the whole tourism industry. We can guarantee you on that. Ask yourselves a question. What do you look for in a guide and a porter? Are they fully insured and are they paid well? Well, they are the staffs of Nature Lovers Treks and Tours so they are hundred percent happy with their treatment by the company. They are experienced, licensed and knowledgeable in the field. They are well paid and fully insured for their journey as well as for the medicals.

Now, let’s talk about our backbones. The leader or a guide should have a significant knowledge in the climbing and trekking so that he can wonderfully and safely lead you, clearing any obstacles on the way. We, Nature Lovers Treks and Tours can proudly say that our guides (climbing, assistant, trekking guide) are highly qualified for the role. They are fully trained, experienced and licensed. They have undergone through a whole lot of training to make themselves useful in various situations and to make your journey a smooth and pleasant one.

Our guide knows the local areas, the cultures, the traditions and the lifestyles much more than anyone do. Some of the things he tells you, might even be hard to find in the travel guide books. Depending upon the situations and weather conditions, the daily plans might change slightly which when happens, he will inform you beforehand. You should always be flexibly ready to accommodate to your guides’ instructions. Let him know if you have any health problems as well since he will act accordingly to the situation. Depending upon the group size, we will also provide you assistant guides and extra Sherpas if needed.

Our porters are always fully equipped with the gears they need and as per the company policy, they are always insured and completely looked after. They are our backbone. We allow maximum weight of 25/30 kg to be carried by one porter. They are the strongest in our group with less communication skills. We also closely work with IPPG {International Porter Protection Group} and follow their ethics and guidelines.

Your safety

Nature Lovers Treks and Tours puts your safety as the top priority. We provide you our own comprehensive first aid medical kit bag along with the professional team of guides and porters. We are always in communication with our field team members to keep track of your safety and concerns. Your entire journey will be monitored by us and we make sure you enjoy your journey in full scale. We are available 24/7 for your health and safety checks during Simikot Hilsa Limi Circuit Trekking.

Important point to Note

We always suggest you to keep extra one or two days in your trek since we are taking many domestic flights. The weather in the mountains is unpredictable and can change anytime drastically which means your flight can be delayed or at worst cancelled and postponed for the next day. Therefore, this goes to all the Simikot Hilsa Limi Circuit trekkers, that extra days are needed.

Simikot Hilsa Limi Circuit Trekking Frequently Asked Questions

How much does the Simikot Hilsa Limi Circuit Trekking cost?

The cost of the Simikot Hilsa Limi Circuit Trekking varies depending on the number of days you choose to trek. The longer the trek, more expensive it will become. It also depends upon the group sizes. Normally, Nature Lovers Treks and Tours offers a comprehensive package which is inclusive of all the cost and expenses for the entire journey from the moment you land in Nepal till the moment you fly back home. However, you could also choose to buy only service-based package from us when we will be providing you only the supporting field staffs plus trekking permits and you have to arrange the rest by yourselves.

How is the Accommodation during the Simikot Hilsa Limi Circuit Trekking?

In Simikot Hilsa Limi Circuit Trekking, we will provide you the full camping service.

During the camping days, you will be sleeping in the camps set up by our field Sherpa staffs. There will be separate kitchen and dining and toilet tents. Your meals will be freshly cooked and you will be served day and nights by our Sherpas. Our staffs will carry the sleeping bags, pillows and mattresses for you to sleep in the tents. Undoubtedly, you will have a perfect camping trek experience with Nature Lovers Treks and Tours.

What are the permits that I need for Simikot Hilsa Limi Circuit Trekking?

For Simikot Hilsa Limi Circuit Trekking, you will need to make two permits: Humla Restricted permit and TIMS card {Trekkers' Information Management System}.

How does this tipping system in Nepal work and do I have to tip?

Tipping is not compulsory for Simikot Hilsa Limi Circuit Trekking however tipping is all about showing your gratitude and appreciation. We care about our staffs in the fields so we expect you to look after them in return for them looking after you throughout your journey. They are your closest friend in the remotest parts and also your protector whenever anything seems to happen to you. So tipping is highly expected and we’ve made it mandatory too. The amount of gratuities can be determined by yourselves. Normally, a guide expects around $5 or more per day per person while a porter expects $4 or more per day per person.

Can I charge my phones, batteries or other electronic devices during Simikot Hilsa Limi Circuit Trekking?

The charging of your electronic devices can be rarely done in this trek so please charge every instrument of yours before leaving for the journey. It's highly recommended to carry the solar backups and extra power backups as well.

Is there WiFi and mobile signal on the Simikot Hilsa Limi Circuit Trekking?

Simikot Hilsa Limi Circuit Trekking route has hardly any mobile networks in most of the days. But you can buy one of the NTC or Ncell Sim cards from any local phone shops in Kathmandu which has coverage in most parts of Nepal. It is wiser to buy a sim card with around 4 GB data in Kathmandu and use the mobile data in the trek if available.

When is the best time to trek to Simikot Hilsa Limi Circuit?

Simikot Hilsa Limi Circuit Trekking can be done throughout the year. However in average, Spring {March, April and May} and Autumn {September, October and November} are the best times or seasons to trek to Simikot Hilsa Limi Circuit. Spring and Autumn are known as the Peak season or Busy season in Nepal. It’s because the temperature is moderate during these seasons and the best panoramic mountain views are guaranteed while during other Summer {June, July and August} and Winter {December, January and February} season, the clear weather is not guaranteed. But if you are an explorer, a photographer and a peace lover, less busy season can also be the right time to do Simikot Hilsa Limi Circuit Trekking.

Do I have to worry about the altitude sickness in Simikot Hilsa Limi Circuit Trekking?

The itinerary of our Simikot Hilsa Limi Circuit Trekking is perfectly designed by Nature Lovers Treks and Tours and has separated enough time in the places to let the body acclimatize well in high altitudes. As long as you follow the guide, you should be fine. Altitude sickness in fact can affect anyone regardless of the age or the fitness level, so it is very important to walk slowly and gradually as you go higher. Learn more in details about Altitude Sickness to prepare yourselves for the upcoming Simikot Hilsa Limi Circuit Trekking.

Do I need to be healthy and physically fit for Simikot Hilsa Limi Circuit Trekking?

When it comes to trekking in the mountains, health and fitness of a person plays a vital role. If you are a healthy person without any serious medical problems, Simikot Hilsa Limi Circuit Trekking is for you but if you have any sorts of medical issues, please consult to your doctor before coming to Nepal for the trek. We will be gaining the high altitude of 4940 m above the sea level which is not a joke. People normally start to have breathing problems above 3000 meters from the sea level, if they have pre-existing health conditions.

Now when it comes to the fitness level required, Simikot Hilsa Limi Circuit Trekking demands high physical fitness. The trekking includes daily walks of about 4-8 hours and involves many ascents and descents including crossing of high passes which means you need a lot of practices before you start the trekking journey. If you do not have the previous trekking experience, that’s going to be tough for you but obviously if you have previous experiences, it will be lot easier. For those not having previous trekking experiences, please exercise regularly for at least two months prior to your trekking departure. Go for the morning walks, do some jogging as you get time, participate in some cycling activities, etc. This way, you will be good to go for trekking to Simikot Hilsa Limi Circuit.

What kind of food items or meals can I eat on Simikot Hilsa Limi Circuit Trekking?

Only breakfast is included in Kathmandu while full board meals or full meals are included during the trek. Tea and coffee will also be provided during the entire trip. During the trek, you will have your breakfast and dinner in the same tented camps where you spend the night while the lunch will be served en route towards the next destination of the day. Freshly cooked meals will be served in most of the days and usually the foods are basic and with few choices but they will certainly be healthy and nutritious. Our Sherpas will make sure that you eat enough food for the trekking journey.

Do I need a travel insurance for Simikot Hilsa Limi Circuit Trekking?

Travel insurance is a must when you trek to Simikot Hilsa Limi Circuit. Therefore before you come to Nepal, please make sure you have your insurance documents with you since our insurance companies cannot insure foreign nationals. Because of the reason that they cover all the expenses, if you face some unfortunate happenings and you have to be rescued or medically assisted during the trip or if your belongings are lost or stolen. We strongly advise you to take out an insurance which covers any medical risks up to 5400 meter as well as the medical evacuation from the mountains.

What gears and equipment do I need to pack for Simikot Hilsa Limi Circuit Trekking?

Choosing the right gear and equipment is important as well for the successful trek to Simikot Hilsa Limi Circuit. Pack the right gears and equipment but remember, packing as light as possible is the best way to go when trekking to Simikot Hilsa Limi Circuit. You should read this What to take for travel to get all the details on what you need to pack or carry for Simikot Hilsa Limi Circuit Trekking.