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Essential Infos

Arrival Point

You will be met at the Kathmandu International Airport. Our company representative will be waiting for you holding a placard of the Nature Lovers Treks and Tours. You should let us know if there’s a change in the plan.

Passport & Visa

All foreign nationals, except Indian citizens, need visas to enter Nepal. Getting a visa is very easy for Nepal. You have to go to the Nepalese Embassy/consulate in your country, or it can also be obtained upon arrival at Kathmandu International Airport. To get an on-arrival visa, you must bring 2 pp size photos, visa fees and a valid passport.
Tourist Visa Fees: 3 days transit visa - Free of Cost
Multiple entry 15 days - US$ 30
Multiple entry 30 days - US$ 50
Multiple entry 90 days - US$ 125
For more information, please contact the Department of Immigration.
Kalikasthan, Kathmandu
Tel: 00977-1- 4529660 | 4438862 | 4438868 | 4433934

Means of Transport

Airplane, bus or car, 4WD and walking. All the cost is already included unless otherwise noted.


USD, AUD, EURO, and INR are the major acceptable currencies in Nepal, while visa and credit cards are also accepted. There are ATM facilities in city areas.

Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is a must when you travel abroad. Therefore before you come to Nepal, please make sure you have your insurance documents with you since our insurance companies cannot insure foreign nationals. Because they cover all the expenses, if you face some unfortunate happenings and you have to be rescued or medically assisted during the trip or if your belongings are lost or stolen. Please visit here to secure your travel insurance.

Solo Travelers

We have also arranged for the single traveler to travel, though advised with a group. They will get a private room while they can also join the other groups.

Foods and Accommodations

Everything is arranged throughout so food and accommodation will be the best suiting your needs. In Kathmandu and other city areas, you’ll be staying in the best hotels, as indicated before. On trekking, accommodations are simple yet comfortable on mountain lodges. Toilets and bathrooms need to be shared in most of the teahouses. If on the climbing days, hygienic fresh cooked food will be provided by our expedition cooks. In addition, dry foods, including chocolates, cheese, nuts and muesli items, will add to your daily diet.

Drinking Water

We can get mineral water and boiled water in the city and some trekking areas. In the rest of the places in the mountains, we use water purification tablets.

Room System

Basically, during the trek, we have a twin-sharing system, so two people will share a room. Twin, single or triple bed depends on the choice of the guests. If someone wants a single room, they should pay for a single supplementary.

Health and Fitness required

Physical fitness is necessary for all kinds of trekking and tours in Nepal. For easy grades, you don’t need any experience, whereas for other grades, you need some experience. In addition to physical fitness, one also needs to be mentally self-motivated and sound.

First Aid Kit/High Altitude Sickness

Nature Lovers strongly suggests you have your own first aid or medical kit bag. The trip in Nepal usually takes you to some altitude. Still, the slow walks and regular stops between the walks will help you acclimatize to high altitude, saving you from the high altitude sickness called AMS (acute mountain sickness). Gaining altitude without proper consideration of AMS is fatal. Hence, time to time rest is essential for acclimatization. Please consult your guide if you have any problems related to AMS.

Your Guide and Porter

The leader should have significant knowledge in climbing and trekking so that he can wonderfully and safely lead you, clearing any obstacles on the way. We, Nature Lovers Treks and Tours, can proudly say that our guides (climbing, assistant, trekking guide) are highly qualified for the role. They are thoroughly trained, experienced and licensed. They have undergone a lot of trainings to make themselves useful in various situations and make your journey smooth and pleasant.

Our porters are always fully equipped with the gear they need. As per the company policy, they are always insured and completely looked after. They are our backbone. We allow a maximum weight of 30 kg to be carried by one porter. We make sure that they are well-paid and well-treated.

Best Time to Travel

The spring from March to May and autumn from September to November is the best time to travel to Nepal though it can be traveled all year round. Because of the vast geographical variations in the country, even within a short distance, the weather and climate differ with the places. Therefore, Nepal can be traveled any time of the year. 

Personal Equipment and Packing Lists

After booking with Nature Lovers, please pack the necessary items as given.

Precautionary Note

Trekking and climbing have long been established in Nepal, so the itineraries are modified and moderated so you can take it easy and slow. DO NOT RUSH, AND ENJOY. There is plenty of time, and your guide will keep track of you. It might be a bit harder or colder, but you will get used to it.

Additional Money

Every traveler is different, and they spend their way. Some spend on food and drinks while others on souvenirs. Either way, consider your spending habits, tipping, emergency fund ($200+), etc., before you pack up and leave.

Tips to the field staff

We care about our staff in the fields, so we expect you to look after them in return for them looking after you throughout your journey. They are your closest friend in the remotest parts and your protector whenever anything seems to happen to you. So tipping is highly expected. The amount of gratuities can be determined by you.

Trip Specific Safety

Your guide is always there for your safety concerns and looking after your valuables. But you have to be equally careful. Carry a wallet or belt for your important documents and money. The hotels have a safety deposit box where the lock is recommended before passing the luggage.

A Couple of Rules

Possession or use of any illegal drugs is intolerable. It’s because of the law that respects the local people and their culture. The group will be expelled in such a case.

Responsible Tourism

Nature Lovers strongly believes that we are all equally responsible for acting in favor of the local people and the surrounding environment. Our clients also have an essential role to:

a. respect the local laws, customs and beliefs

b. always ask for permission before doing something in the local area or consult the leader

c. keep the site the same as you found it wherever you go and dispose of rubbish

d. support local skills to encourage positive sides of tourism.

Feedback and Reviews

It is very important for us. After your travel, we want your feedback, whether good or bad, since that is how we can thrive further. To motivate you to finish the review or feedback online, we will give you a 10% discount on your next trip with us.

Additional Information

For all the additional information, go to Contact Us.