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Tour in Nepal

Nepal is a world in itself with its unique cultures, values and principles. In simple words, it’s magical, mystical and mythological. It comprises people with diverse lifestyles, which are multilingual and multicultural. The main reason is the geographical variation from the Northern part to the Southern. High alpine regions are cold, and people wear thick woolen clothes, influenced mainly by Tibetan Buddhism because of the way they live. On the other hand, low-flat areas in the South are hot, the people wear thin clothes, and the lifestyle is mainly influenced by Indian society.

Tours in Nepal primarily cover the aspects we mentioned above. In every part of the country you travel to, you will find a lot of history attached to it; there are religious and cultural sides. Nepal tour is all about exploring the hidden myths and stories behind the structures and the physical existence and observing the beauty the tour offers.

The tour has one advantage over other tourism aspects in Nepal; every person of any age group or physical capability can do it. Children under 10 yrs old and the elderly over 60 can participate and do these tours easily during any season.

Adventure Holidays in Nepal

Adventure sports in Nepal are few of many outdoor activities in Nepal that are gaining popularity very quickly. Since Nepal is a mountainous country full of Himalayan ranges, lush green hills, rugged terrains, valleys and plain

Art Tour in Nepal

Kathmandu valley in Nepal as described in dictum “Every other building in the valley is temple and every other day is festival”. The valley is rich is historical and religious sites where the various ethnic communities keep

Helicopter Sightseeing Tour

Helicopter Sightseeing Tour is the fastest and easiest way to explore the stunning Himalayas in Nepal. It must be the most amazing and interesting activity in the world. For the timely limited travelers, it offers the best chance to fulfill you

Nepal Buddhism Tour

Nepal Buddhism Tour is an exclusive tour package designed especially for the devotees of Buddhism where even the enthusiasts who wish to learn about the sacred Buddhism pilgrimage sites can join. Buddhism tour in

Nepal Hiking Tours

Nepal hiking is the best form of outdoor activities done in Nepal by many visitors. Hiking is the best way to rejuvenate oneself after all the hardships done over the time. It is highly preferable all over the world.

Nepal Hindu Religious Tour

Welcome to the holy land. Nepal, a country where the religious beliefs and customary traditions are the part of the common people’s lives. The most dominant Hindu religious Nepalese believe in different gods and goddesses for the reason why

Yoga and Meditation Tour

Yoga and meditation tour in Nepal is the newly yet a very beautiful concept that is gaining popularity very fast. It combines two most popular traditions that are on trend these days; yoga or meditation and trekking or hiking or tours. The Himalayas is isolated

Nepal Special Tours

Nepal offers a lot of special tours to the visitors from around the globe. Nature Lovers always make sure that the particular interests of the enthusiastic clients in whichever aspect of traveling it is, is fulfilled. Naming few are the casino tour, golf tour,

Combo tour

Combo tour is meant to offer the travelers, a lot of activities within a small package yet thoroughly planned. In this kind of tour, people will have a number of activities to choose from and the best deal is always with more activities rather than the less activities.

Cultural Exchange Tour

Cultural exchange tour is designed particularly for the travelers who wish to travel and at the same time stay with the native people to observe their local cultures closely and also to help promote the local tourism business. Homestay trip to many rural places 

Family Holidays

Family is a bond of unending love and deep promises. When one needs a holiday away from the hectic life, then Nepal can be the ultimate destination to bring along the family to. Nepal is known as the best holiday destination for families too.

Elderly Tours

Nepal scenic tour is a wonderful cultural and nature sightseeing tour combined with the scenic overland drive around the best parts of Nepal especially created for the senior citizens. With this tour, one can see the most of Nepal only within a short time.

Nepal Spiritual Tour

Spiritual tour in Nepal is especially designed for the Hindu and Buddhist pilgrims around the world which is equally famous for other enthusiastic visitors who starve for the greater views of natural Nepal along with their mind and body purification.

Flora and Fauna

Needless to say, Nepal is a very rich country when it comes to various floras and faunas. Extending from the below sea level Southern plains to the sky touching northern tallest mountains, the country has the vast number and varieties of bio-diversities. 

Daily departure day tours

NAMASTE! Welcome to Nepal, the land which is the cultural hub of various ethnic groups and their beliefs before it’s the land of natural beauty. I cannot emphasize how fortunate you are to be here. This is it, love for your soul