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''Do you love to travel, or do you admire nature? If you do, welcome aboard. Well, if you don't, welcome to you more. :)

Nature is the beginning, and more so will be the end. We feel love, see life and thrive in nature. No matter what, nature is the ultimate teacher, a lifetime friend and the infinitely loving family.''

Nature Lovers is a decade experienced leading trek, tour and expedition company in Nepal, which is fully authorized to serve & cater. 

Nepal is a beautiful land with the sky touching mountain ranges, lush valleys and forests, serene landscapes, exotic wild lives and diverse local cultures and traditions. We promise to take you there and let you experience all these with local feelings. Once you’re with us, be assured you’re in the happiest hands, and your life will change forever.

"Once in a while, let's go to a place where real human communication and trust exist - Gokarna Thapa Magar, MD"

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Whats our Secret?

We educate a needy child. A child in the remote areas like Chepang communities (where we mainly work) in Dhading, Chitwan and Makwanpur, wants to go to school, but due to their financial poverty, they are unable to do so. Why is there so much poverty? The answer is simple, lack of education. How much do you think a child would need to get a proper education? Not much. 

We cannot help all the poor people. Still, we can help educate a child who will grow to become a better human & who will eventually look after their own family and the community. As per our intensive research and experience, a child in Nepal only needs about USD 200 a year to finish their school education in a government school. With that same amount, we can pay for all education bills, their school uniforms, study materials and lunch snacks. If you travel with us, you will directly or indirectly help a child get a better future.

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