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Nepal day tour

Daily departure day tours

Nepal mountain flight

Get a closer look at the gorgeous snowcapped mountains in this most amazing flight ever, while being briefed by the pretty air hostesses. The pride of the Himalayan nation. (Best price guaranteed)

Nepal mountain biking

A complete package of sightseeing, mountain biking, hiking, cultural exploring, locals meeting and the full-on adventure. Choose one or two of the destinations you’d like to go on mountain bike with us today:

Motorbike day tour

Do you want to take your holiday to the next level? If you say yes then our motorbike tour will take you to the places which is impossible to go through other ways, remotely located and very exciting. Mostly loved by the younger generations.

Nepal Rafting or Kayaking

Taste the water rapids and currents of the Rivers in Nepal as well as the scenic floats on this epic journey to the Himalayan Rivers.

Start/finish place: Your hotel

Rock climbing or bouldering

A very challenging sport both physically and mentally testing the climber’s strength, perseverance and balance. Please choose one of the followings:

Natural Rock climbing

Daily local bus tour

NAMASTE! Welcome to Nepal, the land which is the cultural hub of various ethnic groups and their beliefs before it’s the land of natural beauty. I cannot emphasize how fortunate you are to be here. This is it, love for your soul

Full day sightseeing

Explore the culturally, historically and artistically rich Kathmandu valley, visiting different sites, temples and monuments in this most popular sightseeing tour. Choose one of two options below: 1. WORLD HERITAGE SITES TOUR

Nepal hiking

The best and the easiest form of outdoor activities done in Nepal by many visitors every day. Hiking is the best way to rejuvenate oneself and become healthy in long run. Also explore the natural and cultural beauty of the valley. Please choose one of the places

Nepal heli sightseeing

An elite tour meant for those travelers with tight time schedule but wishing to see the most of Nepal. Please tell us where you'd like to fly inside Nepal with Nature Lovers.

Helicopter sightseeing with landing

Your dream of touching the base camps of the tallest mountains in the world will come true with this tour package. The breathtaking sight of the peaks is sure to blow your mind away. Please choose one of the followings:


Once in a lifetime activity which provides stunning experience to feel the real thrill while enjoying the panoramic view of the mountains and the valleys. Please choose one of the followings:

Nepal bungee jumping

160m down the bridge over the Bhote Koshi River, Bungee Jumping in Nepal is one of the highest bungee jumps in the world and by far the most thrilling adventure.

Shaman healing tour

For the travelers who have problem of fear, stress, depression, lacking of sleep, etc. and would like to meet a shaman to heal the problem through shamanic rituals.

Start/finish place: Your hotel

Yoga retreats

Rejuvenate your soul and purify your mind with the help of our professional yoga and meditation instructors. Please choose one of the followings:

  1. Mandala Studio Yoga & Spa

Chandragiri / Manakamana

Get the spell-binding ride to and forth Manakamana temple or the Chandragiri hilltop to enjoy the panoramic views of the valleys and the mountains. Very popular among the Nepalese people, this cable car journey is not only related to the mountain and views but

Day volunteering

Simply with the aim to connect the generous hearts with the needy ones. Orphanage centers, elderly care homes, homes of the disabled, animal care centers and child-care centers as to where you can go for one day volunteering in the Kathmandu valley of Nepal.

Flora and fauna tour

For all the curious beings who love animals, birds and the plants; this tour is going to remain in your memory for the lifetime.

Start/finish place: Your hotel

Casino and sightseeing

Visit one of the most entertaining gambling spots in the Kathmandu valley and play for fun after finishing your valley tour. You could also make a good fortune if you are lucky enough. Choose one of the given casinos:

Golf and sightseeing

Play one of the best and elite sports in the world beneath the mountains while also exploring the culturally and historically significant valley. Choose one of the following two locations:

Nepal canyoning tour

Jump in the water, swim and slide down the waterfall tasting your own physical endurance on our properly planned adventure held in the impossible waterfalls with strong currents. Please choose one of the following destinations: