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Family holidays in Nepal

Family Holidays

Nepal is a beautiful nation with so much to offer for all sorts of people from any cultural or historical background and age group.

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Best of Nepal Tour

Best of Nepal tour is a comprehensive travel package designed mainly for the family and groups which offers mostly everything that Nepal has to offer. The panoramic views of the majestic snowcapped peaks, the tranquility of the must-visit Lumbini “The Birth Place of Lord Buddha”, the rich diversities of Pokhara and Kathmandu valley and finally the exotic wild lives of Chitwan National Park are all offered by this Nepal tour. 

Nepal World Heritage Sites Tour

Nepal world heritage sites tour is designed for the visitors who wish to know and see all the heritage sites of Nepal. Nepal is a fascinating country with a lot of tangible, intangible valuables and hidden treasures too. The researchers and the historians get amazed when they get down to Nepal finding its rich significance and true beauty. World heritage sites in Nepal are no exception. So what does it really mean by world heritage site? How come is it famous? All of these queries are solved

Poon Hill with Lumbini Tour

Poon Hill with Lumbini tour is an exclusive tour designed by Nature Lovers for the true group travelers who wish to experience the best of Nepal in an easy way and within a short period of time. Everyone who visited Nepal has been to the Ghorepani Poon Hill at least once because of its unavoidable attraction and beauty. Easy Poon Hill trekking combined with the picturesque Pokhara valley and the birthplace of Lord Gautam Buddha ‘Light of Asia’, the Lumbini, this tour is the must do activity while you are in Nepal with your loved ones. 

Eastern Nepal Tour

Eastern Nepal tour is exclusively designed to let the travelers know the beauty of the least visited Eastern parts of Nepal. The locals have seen it but the foreigners are still unaware of the fact that the beautiful tea gardens are in North, many indigenous communities live in this region and also beautiful, dazzling Kanchenjunga, the 3rd highest mountain in the world lies in this beautiful part of the nation. Trekking to the hidden and isolated Kanchenjunga base camp is also getting popular day by day on the other hand.