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Essential infos before traveling


All foreign nationals, except Indian citizens, need visas to enter Nepal. Getting a visa is very easy for Nepal. You have to go to the Nepalese Embassy/consulate in your country, OR it can also be obtained upon arrival at Kathmandu International Airport. To get an on-arrival visa, you must bring 2 pp size photos, visa fees and a valid passport.

Altitude Sickness

Altitude sickness, also called Acute Mountain Sickness (AMS) is an illness or the negative health effect caused by the high altitude. It happens due to the low amounts of oxygen at high altitude. Travelling in higher altitude above 3000-4000m is strenuous and can cause altitude sickness so proper acclimatization is necessary. 

Essential Infos

Travel insurance is a must when you travel abroad. Therefore before you come to Nepal, please make sure you have your insurance documents with you since our insurance companies cannot insure foreign nationals. Because of the reason that they cover all the expenses if you face some unfortunate happenings 

How to Book and Pay

Booking your travelling package with us is very easy. There‚Äôs a simple form you have to fill up and send to us. We will send you the booking confirmation email which will then bind you and the Nature Lovers into a contract. Also followed is the payment details.

Nepal Travel FAQs

Nepal is a small landlocked country situated in between giant countries India and China. In Southeast Asia, Nepal is a country of peaks, mountains, hills, rivers, lakes, gorges and the diverse ethnic communities and cultures.

Travel Insurance

For the adventure activities in Nepal, insurance is the must. Especially, trekking and mountaineering cannot be imagined without insurance due to a lot of risks involved. You can never predict how the weather and temperature might change

Visa, Entry and Permits

All foreign nationals, except Indian citizens, need visas to enter Nepal. Getting a visa is very in Nepal. You just have to go to the Nepalese Embassy/consulate in your country or it can also be obtained upon your arrival in Kathmandu

What to take for travel

Personal Equipment and Packing Lists

After booking with Nature Lovers, please pack necessary items as listed:

Personal Equipment

  • Travel documents: passport, visa (if you have), travel insurance, air tickets, voucher, passport photo (x 4)
  • Bank card or credit cards, travellers cheque, etc.

Differences between budget, 1st class and luxury packages

Travel Packages


First Class

No. of star in Hotel / resort

5 star or equivalent

Trekking Permits and Park Entry Fees

Park Entrance Fees 


National Park / Conservation Area / Wildlife Reserve / Hunting Reserve

Become A Partner

Welcome to all the interested individuals or the firms. Whether you are an independent traveler or you are a group leader committed or non-committed to other international companies, we earnestly welcome and invite you to the Nature Lovers Treks and Tours' team.