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Nepal Special Tours

Nepal Casino Tour

Nepal casino tour is meant for those people who need to take a short break in their hectic lifestyle. Casino is a medium for entertainment and one of the most amusing sports. A casino is a facility which houses and operates

Golf Tour in Nepal

Golf tour in Nepal is an expensive but an interesting tour in Nepal which is slowly being recognized in the world. Golf is itself an international sport and very famous among the high class elites. Some people play it for fun while others

LGBT Holidays in Nepal

LGBT Holidays in Nepal is the decade old concept that has been quite passive these days. Nature lovers is trying to re-establish the trend and trying to promote Nepal tourism all over the world including the LGBT communities.

Honeymoon Tour in Nepal

No matter how, this moment of getting into the conjugal ties must be special and celebrated in a grand way. After all, we do this only once, right! After all the hustle and bustle of the modern life, you’ve 

Hunting Tour in Nepal

Dhorpatan Hunting Tour is the only hunting tour in Nepal which is legally allowed otherwise others are banned since many parts of the country are marked as the protected areas and Nepal is very true in making efforts to protect the environment and the wild lives at any cost.

Matrimony in Mount Everest

Matrimony in Mount Everest is an exclusive package made by Nature Lovers which is created specifically for the lovebirds who are busy enough not to have time to plan for the wedding. As becoming an energetic team full of passion and enthusiasm, we plan to turn your dream into the reality

Darjeeling and Sikkim tour

Darjeeling and Sikkim tour is a very famous journey for the Nepalese travelers as well as it's becoming increasingly popular for the foreigners also. This trip will combine the best of two main towns in India, Darjeeling and Sikkim.

Tracking Snow Leopard Trek in Annapurna

Tracking journey of snow leopard in the Annapurna region is a beautiful heartbeat stopping trek journey in Nepal Himalayas which is rare kind of adventure in itself. Only been introduced for few 

Red Panda Tracking Tour in Eastern Nepal

Red Panda is a very beautiful, cute and shy creature found in the Himalayan foothills of Nepal. With Red Panda tracking tour in Eastern Nepal in the warmest hospitality of Nature Lovers Treks and 

Search for the Himalayan Viagra in Nepal

One of the top Unique / Fun / Unusual things to do in Nepal [One of the top unique experiences to have in Nepal]

Watch Sunrise and Sunset Over the Himalayas

“Rising and Setting Sun is a Work of Art in itself - Gokarna”

Wherever you are in the world, catching the breathtaking sunrise and watching

Tour on Wheel, Sunset and Night Hangout in a Music Bar

Tour on wheel, sunset in Monkey Temple and night hangout in a Music Bar. “SOMETHING EXTRA TO LOOK FOR -  A GUEST REVIEW”

Nepal Bird Watching Tour

Bird watching tour or Birding tour in Nepal is a wonderful journey created especially for the bird lovers, which is getting worldwide attention these days.

Luxury Short Upper Mustang Tour

It’s a journey to one of the most photogenic places in the Himalayan region of Nepal, the land with colorful hills and cliffs of red earth.