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Travel Insurance

For adventure activities in Nepal, insurance is a must. Especially trekking and mountaineering cannot be imagined without insurance due to the many risks involved. You can never predict how the weather and temperature might change or can never be sure how the circumstance might differ once you arrive or while you are traveling. Insurance in Nepal does not cover the excursion in the high altitude, so you are kindly requested to do the insurance in your own country.

Travel insurance helps to develop confidence in travelers, knowing they will be insured in case of unlucky accidents when trekking in the high alpine region. Helicopter rescue may become essential because hospitals with proper facilities are only available in the city areas, and someone might be in a dire situation. Travel insurance will cover all these unexpected and uncontrollable expenses, compensating you for those lost times and fortune. Hence travel insurance is a must if you’re trekking in Nepal and the mountainous region of Nepal.

However, traveling is not risky as long as you follow your guide's instructions. Preparing ourselves for unseen and uncertain incidents, though, is always a wise thing to do. So we advise you to buy the insurance compulsorily to cover any unexpected happenings. When you buy the insurance, please make sure the insurance company knows and understands your journey, its difficulty and the circumstances they might have to cover.

Note: Please, bring the insurance paper with you when you travel or send a copy to us before you travel.