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Nepal Hiking Tours

Nepal hiking is the best form of outdoor activities done in Nepal by many visitors. Hiking is the best way to rejuvenate oneself after all the hardships done over the time. It is highly preferable all over the world. Whether you go for the countryside walks, hillwalking, go to explore the villages, walk to the hilltop through the lush forests, or more, it is sure to give you a lot of health benefits over long run. Nepal is an idle country for doing so many kinds of hiking. From a couple of hrs to the days, you can hike to the places you like. Wonderful! So you don’t want to keep waiting to go hiking in the Himalayas, just book your seats now and be a part of Nepal hikings.

Keep straddling and going forward enjoying the sound of the nature unless you get to the top of your destination. Always keep in mind that the view is always best at the top. The tours we have designed is carefully made for you so that physical demand is very low and anyone with short time limit can do it easy. Please visit our daily departures to see most of our hiking packages which easily can be incorporated with any of your other plans.

Chisapani Nagarkot Dhulikhel Hiking

Chisapani Nagarkot Dhulikhel hiking is a refreshing package, operated close to the Kathmandu valley. If you are planning to go on a wonderful hiking, this package can be very good for you. We offer you an exciting hiking trip that

Dhampus Sarangkot Hiking

Dhampus Sarangkot Hiking is a famous hiking trip that goes through the classical route to the picturesque countryside. Beside the trail, you can observe a lot of mixed communities on daily walks, mainly the habitations of the ethnic