"Nature's Beauty, Our Responsibility"

About Us

''Do you love to travel, or do you admire nature? If you do, welcome aboard. Well, if you don't, welcome to you more.

We travel not to escape life but for life not to flee us. TO TRAVEL IS TO LIVE. So, let's travel before we run out of time.

Nature is the beginning, and more so will be the end. We feel love, see life and thrive in nature. No matter what, nature is the ultimate teacher, a lifetime friend and the infinitely loving family.''

Nature Lovers is a decade experienced leading trek, tour and expedition company established with the primary objective of revolutionizing the tourism and hospitality sector in Nepal by taking the following initiatives:

  • Taking over the responsibility of promoting Nepal's vast natural beauty
  • Empowering the locals by providing them with jobs and the means to earn
  • Encouraging women to step up in tourism
  • Taking an eco-friendly approach in all of our endeavors
  • Seeking out marginalized communities and helping them as possible
  • Facilitating all the visitors as ‘An Easy Guide’ to exploring Nepal
  • Working on sustainable tourism development
  • Leaving no trace but footprints wherever we go
  • Encouraging our clients to spend locally and wisely

Today, people have had enough of so-called technological and electronic advancements in the world. What do you think most people seek nowadays? We believe and trust we’ve found the answer, which is Mother Nature. They want to get back to nature. Nature is the only thing that never changes and embraces everyone like her child. Considering this fact, we have initiated a small step in tourism to build the bridge between nature and people.

Nature Lovers Treks and Tours is a government-registered, fully authorized tourism company affiliated with Nepal Tourism Board, TAAN and many other related organizations. Surrounded by veterans in the field, we are sure to give you guaranteed service satisfaction.

Nepal is a beautiful land with the sky touching mountain ranges, lush valleys and forests, serene landscapes, exotic wild lives and diverse local cultures and traditions. We promise to take you there and let you experience all these with local feelings. Once you’re with us, be assured you’re in the happiest hands, and your life will change forever. 

We are ready to go to any length to meet your requirements and choices. You name it; treks, tours, adventures, climbing, running, jumping, flying, driving or anything; we will arrange it for you at the best reasonable cost in the market.